Far Cry: Extreme Survival

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Island Survival! The most epic hardcore island survival game!
is a story about a survival hero lying on an oceanic island surrounded by ocean and teeming with wildlife. Now imagine that you are stranded on a deserted island, where you disembark from a ship and a crashed plane, and you will have to face the most dangerous challenges of your life. Not only that, but you also need to protect yourself from other feral humans who have landed on the island with you for centuries in this open world survival game. No friends except a beautiful girl Linda. Without help, there is absolutely no one you can trust. Sounds scary, right? If you wanted to witness it all, now is the time to get this newly released action-adventure game and experience what happens when action meets survival games.

Your quest to survive continues! The beast is out of sight, and you might be able to dine next time. Do you want to be a hunter or a hunter? The choice is yours. Sail, run, hunt and survive on the island: survival games are open to the world! Yes, yes, finally dodge, run and hunt wild creatures for your ultimate survival in this survival game. There may be armed enemies and who knows, time is uncivilized in this best hunting game. You are in an open world survival game overrun with hordes of wild wolves. So do you think you can survive on this island? For those looking for a survival adventure, this survival game is full of exciting adventures
Hunting and survival games challenge you in the most adventurous way to show off your skills in the wild wolf survival world. Chop down trees with a wooden ax to build shelter, and drink coconut water to quench your thirst. If you are looking for survival wasteland in best hunting games, this is your chance to fulfill your adventure dreams.
how to survive
Never give up hope! Chop down trees with a hardwood axe, chop wood for a fire, drink coconut water, and eat apples from trees. Watch the backs of wild bears, wolves and island animals. In this real island survival game, make fire at night to avoid dangerous animals. Use your hunting skills and survive on animal meat as long as you get help outside of the island world. Let’s start the journey of hunting and survival in the best survival simulator ever.
You and your friend Linda face the toughest survival challenge on the island. Follow your instincts and turn around and fight the wolf in this best survival game. This is for those looking for a better survival game in which they face the challenges of wild animals and live vulnerable animals. Embark on a wild journey of adventure games and be no longer a survival hero.