Alpine Adventure: Wonderland

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Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands is an open-world ski adventure game where you can take your skis to 12 ski resorts with different landscapes, compete in various racing races, or glide freely in Zen mode. The game allows 4 local players to play together, compete with your friends who will reach the finish line first, throw snowballs to block each other, or cooperate to explore the vast and fun snow field.

Alpine adventure wonderland game background
  Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands lets you explore all ski areas and surrounding mountains at your own pace. Take part in a variety of challenges, unlock ski lifts and reach new areas, or find your way down the mountain while enjoying the scenery. Want to share a good time with friends? Play local multiplayer with up to 4 players. It's your choice!

Alpine adventure wonderland game features

Strap on your skis or snowboard and explore 12 huge open-world ski areas. Explore snow-capped cross-country skiing areas, deep forests inhabited by wildlife, vibrant hillsides, steep cliffs, towering peaks and cozy hamlets perched on the slopes.


Compete in super-large curves, slopes, big jumps, and more. Look for hidden challenges and secret trails on the slopes. Collect ski passes and in-game collectibles along the way!


In local multiplayer, a maximum of 4 players are allowed. Rush to the finish line, throw snowballs to knock each other down, or slide down the hill together. Feel free to explore the snowy mountains together.

Zen Mode:

Zen Mode gives you some quiet and recovery time. During this time, all challenges, track collectibles, and even NPCs (non-player characters) will be removed!