Dead Cells action game ACT

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Pain Chowder Bundle Items included in this bundle:
Return to Castlevania DLC, Fatal Fall DLC, Queen and Sea DLC, Deadly Fall DLC

Return to Castlevania Bundle Items included in this bundle:
Dead Cell Body, Return to Castlevania DLC 

Game Features:

Roguelite + Metroid Castlevania (new genre: RogueVania): Similar to Metroid Castlevania games, players will experience the fun of gradual exploration in connected worlds, and the game will have both the repetitive playability of Roguelike games and the exciting permadeath experience.
Soul Flavor Combat: Whether you're facing bosses or miscellaneous soldiers, the combat system is designed based on pattern recognition, weapons and spells are all useful, so you'll need to make the most of everything at hand, and remember to move and roll around at all times.
Non-linear Flow: Unlock new levels through repeated deaths, explore unknown corners of the castle, and face brutal bosses.
Explore the elements: constantly discover new surprises: hidden rooms, secret passages and stunning landscapes hidden in the corners of the castle: those who step through this door do not need to look back, and their own death will do the work.


Roguelike、Roguelite、Roguelike-like、Rogueschmike...... No matter what you call this kind of game, it seems that there are always some new terms to come out! That being said, we recommend our title that combines Metroidvania with Roguelike features, and calls this new genre RogueVANIA! Okay, the name doesn't seem so sensual in the Chinese, but in short, I'll go into more detail about some of the features of the game below.

When we think of Metroidvania games, we're usually referring to a huge world with multiple well-designed and connected levels. The game arena will be a vast silo that will not change anything. All kinds of creatures, bosses and routes will be pre-set and hidden in some corner of this vast world waiting to be explored. Of course, how to find them is another story.

In Dead Cells, however, death replaces the traditional mechanics of the classic Metroid Castlevania game that repeatedly goes back and forth to explore. At first, it may seem like there are plenty of unreachable areas to walk along your way, but clues to these puzzles will gradually be revealed as you explore the entire game world. Maybe it's a key, maybe it's a new special movement skill, or maybe it's some kind of lost skill. Once unlocked, you'll have this knowledge in place forever, and it will help you explore the wider world of the game. Tired of smelly sewers? Climb to the top of the city and breathe in the fresh air! Use your skills and gaming experience, as well as a variety of loot, to decide your path.

In addition, as the genre name RogueVania implicitly suggests, we are also heavily influenced by the popularity of Roguelite games in recent years. During the game, there will be no checkpoints to save real-time progress, and you will face all kinds of tense and adrenaline rushing dangerous scenes. If you die, you'll lose a lot, so you'll need to try to escape. Unlike the fixed enemy positions and terrain design in traditional levels, you won't be able to challenge the process-generated levels, you'll need to hone your instincts, reflexes, and adaptability to changing situations.

As we mentioned, many players have a bad impression of process-generated maps and associate it with boring levels and boring gameplay, and we are well aware of this. Therefore, we chose a hybrid and compromise approach to overcome this challenge, and the map for each round is actually a splicing of several elaborate mini-levels. This way, you can enjoy a rich, well-crafted game world while rewarding new experiences with each new game.

Don't underestimate the difficulty of the game, it won't be as easy as a walk in the park. Meet monsters and boss battles designed based on pattern recognition mechanisms, and become more and more powerful by understanding and mastering combat skills one battle at a time. You'll need to master a variety of weapons with unique ways to use them, and consider positionings like tumbling and dodging as instincts to escape unexpected tides. We adhere to the principle of "difficult but fair".

Are you tired of violence and death? There are plenty of other elements to explore, finding secret rooms and hidden passages, and discovering fascinating landscapes hidden deep within the castle. Our dear art designers, Thomas and Gwen, have created a lot of beautiful and moving pixel art illustrations for this work, making the world beautiful and moving, and creating many landscapes worth retreating. Perhaps, you will also care about the stories behind these beautiful landscapes, who knows?